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Global Warming Blunder

The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled the World’s Top Climate Scientists

Global Warming Blunder

Today (April 20) is the official release date of my new book entitled: “The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled the World’s Top Climate Scientists“, published by Encounter Books.

About one-half of Blunder is a non-technical description of our new peer reviewed and soon-to-be-published research which supports the opinion that a majority of Americans already hold: that warming in recent decades is mostly due to a natural cycle in the climate system — not to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning.

Believe it or not, this potential natural explanation for recent warming has never been seriously researched by climate scientists. The main reason they have ignored this possibility is that they cannot think of what might have caused it.

You see, climate researchers are rather myopic. They think that the only way for global-average temperatures to change is for the climate system to be forced ‘externally’…by a change in the output of the sun, or by a large volcanic eruption. These are events which occur external to the normal, internal operation of the climate system.

But what they have ignored is the potential for the climate system to cause its own climate change. Climate change is simply what the system does, owing to its complex, dynamic, chaotic internal behavior.

As I travel around the country, I find that the public instinctively understands the possibility that there are natural climate cycles. Unfortunately, it is the climate “experts” who have difficulty grasping the concept. This is why I am taking my case to the public in this book. The climate research community long ago took the wrong fork in the road, and I am afraid that […]

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Eruption

Amazing images of the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano on Iceland

eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption

eyjafjallajokull volcano stars over eruption

eyjafjallajokull volcano spurting lava

eyjafjallajokull volcano southern landscape

eyjafjallajokull volcano plinian eruption

eyjafjallajokull volcano moody ash cloud

eyjafjallajokull volcano lightning over the southern half

eyjafjallajokull volcano lightning fumes

eyjafjallajokull volcano lightning by discharge

eyjafjallajokull volcano incadescence

eyjafjallajokull volcano fireworks

eyjafjallajokull volcano fire in the sky

eyjafjallajokull volcano evening ash

eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption at dusk

eyjafjallajokull volcano cracks of doom

eyjafjallajokull volcano column surrounded by lightning

eyjafjallajokull volcano ash emission

eyjafjallajokull volcano ash above clouds

eyjafjallajokull volcano view from hortel range


HHS Takes on Surgery Procedures Deemed Necessary

Elephant Ears

The HHS (Health and Human Services) has announced they will be analyzing plastic surgery to determine what will be considered ‘elective’ or ‘critical’ procedures.

The panel will consist of both physicians and psychiatrists as the ‘whole’ of the person will be the focus. Physical defects that do not hinder one’s ability to function will not be covered, however, if they impede or cause physical/emotional harm, these procedures will be covered.

The panel came to a unanimous decision pertaining to excessively large and extended ears. Due to the fact that they:

1.) Can collect more debris, it was found to stifle the ability to listen;

2.) Can inflict brain damage due to the ears flapping and pummeling the brain if the individual is susceptible to high winds, i.e.; Chicago (better known as the Windy City), and;

3.) Can cause emotion inferiority complexes that transform into narcissism later in life.


Obama – Birth Certificate ? Terry Lakin

American Patriot Foundation – Terry Lakin Defense Fund Michelle Obama: Barack’s Home Country Is Kenya

A Revelation Into the Creativity of ‘Selling’ to the Public

Sharp Quattron Sulu

George Takei (Mr.Sulu from Star Trek) is appearing in a new commercial on primetime advertising a specific brand of TV. He declares its superiority for having added yellow as the fourth color to the standard RGB – red, green & blue technology for vibrancy.

It progresses to show “Mr. Sulu” gazing into the large format screen, crying “WOW!” and turning the monitor for our viewing. I admire and, simultaneously, laugh at this ingenious example of marketing created for a gullible audience. Please read on and you will understand –

Jingle, jingle then I rhyme. Some think a parrot’s what I mime.

For just like TV ads I seem to joke with underlying theme.

A statement spiced with humor will catch and retain attention ’til,

A rhythmic implantation’s made: A brand, a thought that will not fade.

“You snooze – you lose”. “Just one a day”, are two examples of our play.

We’ll set the hook and pull you in and never set you free again.

You’ll find yourself throughout the day still humming tunes to what we say.

We’ll fight with strong minds, bend the weak and leave the rest (that’s tongue-in-cheek).

We’ll have you laughing, that’s for sure, we’ve made our lyrics more mature.

But we’ll be laughing twice as hard when you pull out that credit card.

You fool! You bought that stereo from billboard signs on roads you know –

Pressed in that chair, his hair blown back makes you assume no power’s lacked.

So buy our brand, that new TV will have much better clarity!

The color’s vivid, there’s no doubt but here’s a thought to think about . . .

Why be impressed with our TV when it’s your own you really see?

And […]