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Warren Buffet(ed)

Why he supports the Estate Tax – “You may not have heard of the Berkshire Hathaway company, but you’ve probably heard of its owner. Warren Buffet, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is the world’s second-richest man and one of the most famous philanthropists of our time. . . “. . . Berkshire Hathaway’s insurance group specializes in life insurance and annuities — retirement investments that return payments over time. Berkshire Hathaway also offers specialty insurance for commercial property, construction, and workers’ compensation. “Berkshire Hathaway owns two other large insurance companies: GEICO and General Re. GEICO is one of the leading providers of auto insurance in the United States. General Re is a “reinsurance” company — it sells insurance to other insurance companies.” Hat tip: Berkshire Hathaway Example of personal gain –

“Life insurance for inheritance tax planning” “It has to be said that life insurance as a solution for inheritance tax planning is the place of last resort.

“A lot of advisers fail to point that out owing to the fact that they get commission for selling life insurance and the fact that a lot of financial advisers lack the experience in the IHT market to actually solve the problem without re4esorting to life cover.

“That said there is still a place for life cover but only, as I have said, as a last resort.

“This site and all our advisers will aim to mitigate the majority of IHT liability but when all that can be done has been done there is still the option of just covering the liability left and that will then pay of the tax when due, ensuring that the estate remains intact for your beneficiaries.

“There are essentially two types of life insurance policies associated with inheritance tax planning.

“Policy type one – Gift inter […]

Can a Camel go through the eye of the needle

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to heaven . . .”

Many people have used this verse to coerce affluent people to give up their money. Just as they say that money is the root of evil, they have misrepresented the scripture for it says the LOVE of money is the root of evil. It is greed not money.

Here is the real meaning of the camel going through the eye of a needle:

In the days of Jesus all cities were fortified with an outer wall which required anyone entering the city to pass through a gate. On the wall surrounding Jerusalem there was a gate called “The Eye of THE Needle” due to the following reason-

Although using this gate was a definite shortcut that cut miles off your trip, the route through this entrance was not comfortable for the camel. The animal would literally have to get on its knees and crawl through the tiny entrance. Between it being very, very uncomfortable for the animal, it was also an effort to get the stubborn mammal to do it (have you ever tried to push a camel on its knees? And you thought pulling a mule was a hassle! LOL). So, if you succeeded in getting the camel through, it was worth it.

Now you know that a camel CAN go through the Eye of the Needle! Don’t let anyone tell you different !

911 A Fathers Defense

9/11 – A Father’s Defense

(President Bush Declares War Against Terror)

It started little, started small

a patch of dark mud on the wall.

“So high and distant, can’t you see?”

“They will not harm us, let them be.”

So quietly their numbers grew,

to millions though all thought a few.

They’d see one fly – another land,

They did not see the plot at hand.

The peace was shattered by a ball

that bounced against the house’s wall.

An accident, no malice meant

But bee’s don’t think about intent.

They stormed the child with stinging bite,

this made all notice their ‘new’ plight –

The inside walls were loud and warm,

caused by the vast invading swarm.

The father, furious with rage,

cried, “War!” and battled on their stage.

He went to them, he did not wait.

The more time passed? The worse the fate.

But in so doing they fought back,

against the father’s fierce attack.

So scattered was the hornet’s woe,

now looking for some place to go.

This caused the neighborhood to shout,

“It’s all his fault – this swarming cloud!”

But they had been there so sublime;

Unhindered, strengthening for their time.

Did father sin, protecting home

and child from danger in this poem?

Who stung the neighbors? Was it Dad,

or hating, spitting hornets mad?


The Voting Percentage Scam

Here’s a political game and ploy that is used with both parties, however, at this point in history it’s the Dems that are working this scam. I learned about this when the California house raised sales taxes to 10% recently, contrary us screaming “no”.

When a bill passes that they know the people don’t want, i.e.; tax increases, Obamacare, etc., you’ll notice that it always just scrapes through – example: If they need 60 votes, they will get exactly 60 votes (sometimes 1 or 2 extra) but never with a large margin.

Let’s take the passing of the health care bill and use the House of Representatives as an example. Here’s how it goes and why:

Democrats that are in secure districts (where they are not vulnerable or have no viable competition for reelection) will vote for the bill.

Also, politicians that are retiring and not seeking another term will vote ‘yes’ (they have nothing to lose).

Next are the ones who’s reelection may be affected by their vote. To these people, the Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) will coax (coerce) them into a vote by assuring them that if they lose, the Party will take care of them, i.e.; promised a cushy job, extra funds for the reelection campaign, etc.

Then there’s the elected Democrat in a toss-up state (could vote either way – Dem or Rep). He knows that the bill will be a noose around his political neck. That the populace of his state does not want it and, with his ‘yes’ vote, will not vote him back in. He goes to the Speaker (Pelosi) and asks permission to vote against the bill! She tallies up the ‘yea’ votes and, if she has enough, will grant permission for a ‘no’ vote. That way, when he is […]

HHS Takes on Surgery Procedures Deemed Necessary

Elephant Ears

The HHS (Health and Human Services) has announced they will be analyzing plastic surgery to determine what will be considered ‘elective’ or ‘critical’ procedures.

The panel will consist of both physicians and psychiatrists as the ‘whole’ of the person will be the focus. Physical defects that do not hinder one’s ability to function will not be covered, however, if they impede or cause physical/emotional harm, these procedures will be covered.

The panel came to a unanimous decision pertaining to excessively large and extended ears. Due to the fact that they:

1.) Can collect more debris, it was found to stifle the ability to listen;

2.) Can inflict brain damage due to the ears flapping and pummeling the brain if the individual is susceptible to high winds, i.e.; Chicago (better known as the Windy City), and;

3.) Can cause emotion inferiority complexes that transform into narcissism later in life.