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Microsoft: IE9 public preview

Ie9 preview for the public only on Windows 7 and updated Vista SP2

Internet Explorer 9

Computerworld – Microsoft today unveiled a public sneak peek of its newest browser, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), aimed at Web developers and the technically brave of heart.

“The Platform Preview, and the feedback loop it is part of, marks a major change from previous IE releases,” said Dean Hachamovich, the browser team’s general manager, in a statement issued today before he took the stage at MIX10, Microsoft’s Web developer conference, to publicly launch IE9.

Hachamovich promised that Microsoft would update the IE9 preview about every eight weeks, putting the first such update in mid-May with another to follow in mid-July. He did not, however, disclose a release schedule for the successor to 2009’s IE8, the browser bundled with Windows 7.

IE 9 Platform Preview is far from polished, or even finished, Microsoft acknowledged, which is why it has slapped the moniker on the release, a first for IE.

“While it loads and renders Web pages using the Internet Explorer 9 platform, it is not designed to be a complete Web browser,” Microsoft said in a fact sheet that accompanied the preview’s announcement. “This build is simply a first look at the work Microsoft has done so far and is ready to share with its developer community.”

Missing from the browser are critical user navigation tools such as the address bar, as well as security features like the SmartScreen anti-malware filter and IE8’s private-browsing mechanism.

To give Web site designers, application developers, and others who want to track the new browser’s progress a chance to try IE9, Microsoft has created what it called a “Test Drive” site that showcases the features and enhancements included in the preview.

The Platform Preview will run only […]